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About 45RPM

45RPM is a comedy that extends the world of the classic American road
movie into multiple mediums while exploring rich Southern history.

The film follows Charlie Clark, a struggling artist who seeks a connection
between her artwork and her deceased father’s music. By trying to track down a
rare copy of her father’s only cut on a 45 record, Charlie finds herself out of her
element in Memphis with no leads. Louie Traxler, a record store owner and an
obsessive collector, sees a chance to do what he does best. The two of them hit
the road in a rumbling vintage Pontiac, scouring the South in search of the
elusive 45 that hails from the heyday of ‘60s garage rock.

Drawing on Arkansas’ unique musical history, showcasing local artists and
featuring original music, 45RPM pulls together a wealth of untapped modern
talent as well as Southern music legends like bluesman CeDell Davis, rockabilly
pioneer Joyce Green, and early garage rockers like The Coachmen and The

The film is currently touring the festival circuit and seeking distribution.


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