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CALS Arkansas Sounds Present 45RPM Event

Hey Arkansas! Get ready for a film and music event you are not going to want to miss.

Central Arkansas Library Systems and Arkansas Sounds are sponsoring an incredible free event.

June 16th, 2017
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
Little Rock, Arkansas

Doors open at 6pm

Enjoy live music from our soundtrack contributors:

Photo c/o Jennifer Heimbaugh

Adam Faucett

Whale Fire

Photo c/o Brandi Rinks

Justin Vinson

At 7pm, 45RPM will be on the big screen, followed by a panel discussion focusing on the Arkansas music that drives the film.  Panel members include writer/director Juli Jackson, lead actor Jason Thompson, co-producer & music supervisor Mike Poe, and Arkansas garage rock consultant Harold Ott.

DVDs, CDs, and artwork will be available for purchase as well as a special giveaway of the limited edition “Rusted Roof” 45 record featured in the film. You must be present to win and you aren’t going to want to miss a moment of this special one night event.

Please share with all the film & music lovers you know!


Support Arkansas Artists!

A big goal for 45RPM, besides telling a story, was to showcase local artists.  By attending tomorrow night’s advanced screening you’ll have a chance to support artists who contributed to our film in a big way.

At The Screening:

  • Original animation cell artwork used in the film for sale
  • The Lost Souls Compilations by Psych of The South featuring vintage Arkansas garage rock will be for sale
  •  45RPM movie posters for sale

Merchandise is cash only – all sales go directly to the artists.
Support Arkansas’s thriving creative community!

Lost Souls Volume 3

In my research for 45RPM, I came across an amazing wealth of Arkansas-specific information on the Pysch Of The South website and a killer compilation of early garage rock, which I talked about here.

Harold Ott, Arkansas’s own homegrown authority on garage rock, has released another fantastic compilation

Lost Souls Volume 3

I have been listening to this collection since late summer. I definitely  have my favorites, like “I Can See Your Ways”  by  Richard Vanover & Bob Ralph and “Hush Puppy” by The Spyders. The version of ” Little Latin Lupe Lu”  by Don Norviel & the Visions I dig way more than the Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels cover.  And you have to love “Fouke Monster”  by Billy Cole & the Fouke Monster created to promote the cult classic film Legend Of Boggy Creek.

The entire collection is worth owning the hard copy: 29 tracks, a fat insert with super detailed liner notes and pictures – This is what all albums should be!  Many of the songs compiled in these collections have been gathered from original acetates, 45s, and reel to reel tapes not found anywhere else. Not only is it an exciting and obscure part of Arkansas’s music history, but many of the songs are infectious and will make their way into your playlists.

Lost Souls Volume 3 is availble to preview & purchase at CDBaby and Amazon

ALSO: check out the complete Lost Souls documentary to see the story of the garage rock band out of Jacksonville who are the namesake of these labor-of-love compilations.

Thanks Harold for all the hard work!

-Juli Jackson



Behind The Scenes – Production Day 11

Tanner Smith, a young Arkansas filmmaker and actor, put together some great documentation of our shoot day at Dean’s Laundromat in Pocahontas, Arkansas while he was on set playing the role of “Ted.”

You can find more of Tanner Smith’s work here and his insightful movie reviews on the T Tauri Galaxy.

Shirley by Natalie Canerday

The character of Shirley is that of a faded former cheerleader, with a knack for tacky crafts, holding dear to her high school glory days.

We are very pleased to announce that

Natalie Canerday

has accepted the role of Shirley.
Natalie is a wonderful addition to our cast and we are proud to have her.

Watch her stellar performance in Slingblade for which she received a SAG nomination for Best Performance by Ensemble Cast and take a look at her IMDB page!

Francis by Candyce Hinkle

In the film the character of Francis is a loving friendly woman who has lived and worked on a farm her whole life and helps Charlie to understand her past.

We are thrilled to announce that

Candyce Hinkle

has accepted the role of Francis!
She is incredibly talented and perfect for the character.

Watch her wonderfully memorable performance in The Coen Brothers’ True Grit and check out her IMDB page!

Justin Vinson and Come Sundown

Justin Vinson of Come Sundown. Â Photo by Kandi Cook


Justin Vinson is a country boy at heart, born and raised in Lake City, Arkansas, which he affectionately refers to as “Home of the Lake City Catfish.”   Considering he grew up surrounded by the St. Francis River, cotton fields and southern churches, it’s no wonder that six years ago with the creation of his band, Come Sundown, his music career took a turn from the punk bands he was in as a teenager back toward his country roots.

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Youell Swinney

David Whitehead aka Youell Swinney

Singer-songwriter David Whitehead, who performs under the name Youell Swinney. Â Photo by Brandi Rinks

Singer-songwriter David Whitehead of Asheville, North Carolina, has been performing his old-time country influenced music since 2005 under the moniker Youell Swinney.  The name refers to a dark corner of Arkansas history, the unsolved Texarkana Moonlight Murders of 1946, and is a fitting match for the pensive, somber topics his songs tend to deal with.

Arkansas born and raised, Whitehead’s songs are partially inspired by his experiences growing up in the tiny town of Mangrum Landing.  “It’s just like three houses,” Whitehead said.  “And some of them are empty.”  Also influenced by the country music his father listened to when Whitehead was a child, he eschews the sound that modern country artists strive for, instead embracing the style of legends such as Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt while performing songs about death, loneliness, and the nearly impossible feat of escaping from small hometowns.

“A lot of the country that plays on the radio these days doesn’t sound like country to me,” Whitehead said.  “It just sounds like pop music being sung by someone with a drawl.”

David Whitehead aka Youell Swinney

David Whitehead takes a break between recording sessions while working on a friend's album. Photo by Brandi Rinks

After a friend gave him a broken guitar in the ninth grade, Whitehead soon taught himself to play and began recording tapes in his bedroom.  “I didn’t have instruments so I had to use a little metal trashcan as a drum,” he said.  As Whitehead got older, he started becoming interested in punk music, and with his band Candy Coated Warheads recorded an album and played shows in the Jonesboro, Arkansas, area on a regular basis.  Eventually, though, Whitehead returned to the country music he had grown up with.

“I quit playing punk music because really I think it’s music for younger people,” Whitehead said.  “It doesn’t seem honest when I see a 40 year old man up there barely standing up and trying to play the music he played when he was 19.”

Honesty is a virtue that Whitehead appreciates in music, and that’s part of the reason why he writes the way he does.  “I try to make my songs as honest as possible,” he said.  “That’s why I write sad songs. They’re more honest to me than the rest of them.”

Whitehead is nearing completion on an album entitled “Poor Man’s Lament” to be released in the coming months.  You can preview the album at



Mandy Maxwell – Featured Artist

Mandy Maxwell working on various paintings for the upcoming feature film 45 RPM.

Mandy is a visual artist located in Paragould, Arkansas. You can see more of her work at

The song “Man With The Old Brown Sack” is from the upcoming album Poor Man’s Lament by Arkansas native Youell Swinney

Summer Vacation Animation

45 RPM’s own Kandi Cook recently made this fantastic stopmotion of her family’s beach vacation. Goodbye boring family videos and 100s of lame pictures of family members trying to avoid the camera. Documentary animation is the way to go! Amazing song by Wavves too.

Kandi Cook will be contributing photography and production design elements to the film. And after seeing this, I want a behind-the-scenes stopmotion too! We love her!