45RPM is now available everywhere!

The long road to lost music is, at last, a journey everyone can experience!  45RPM is now available for the first time on DVD and Video on Demand.

Most exciting is the collector’s edition that comes with the DVD and the rare “Rusted Roof” record from the film. In the spirit of the story, only a small amount of these records exist. Order yours NOW because when they are gone, they will become “lost music” once again!

You can get the DVD with never-been-seen extras from our fantastic distributor, Brinkvision as well as good ole Amazon.

 Online you can watch 45RPM on any device you like (we prefer it on big screens with the volume cranked!)
Please be sure to watch the trailer, add us to your watchlist, and rank us after you finish so we can show all the people and platforms that took a chance on this little film that people want to see Charlie and Louie’s adventures.
Now that 45RPM is out into the world, we hope people continue to get lost in the search, rock out to killer music, and enjoy all the hard work that went into the making of this movie.
Thank you for all your support!