Behind the Scenes – Animation

Animation Production kicked off at the beginning of January with a dear friend of the production coming in from Los Angeles, Winn O’Brien

Having known and worked with Winn since college I knew he was the perfect guy to get 45RPM’s animation production started off on the right foot.

We planned sequences, troubleshooted problems, and jumped in to creating several scenes using pixelation, stop motion, paint on glass, rotoscoping, and digital effects.

It was Winn’s first trip to Arkansas and he seemed embrace the culture of fish frys, camo, and heavy accents. He also tried his first hushpuppy!

Thanks for all your help Winn & best of luck for your upcoming move to Canada.

-Juli Jackson





Animation Test: Paint on Glass

One type of animation that will be used in 45RPM to characterize Charlie’s artistic perspective is a technique I fell in love with long ago – paint on glass. I like to think of it as paint stopmotion. Some animators known for this technique include Aleksandr Petrov and Caroline Leaf.


I had fun today doing some tests. Getting set up and creating some odd 10 seconds of simple animation taught me much about how I need to approach what we will be creating for the film – like acrylic paint is great to do simple quick designs and creates a great animated drying effect but to make anything more detailed, oil paints must be used.

The process really does give a whole new meaning to “watching paint dry.”

And I have to track down some different software for capturing in order to get the file size & aspect ratio I want.

So today, I made the following experiment to celebrate my favorite holiday. Thanks to Jacob Adams for recording the mini soundtrack for me.


-Juli Jackson