Jason Thompson

First Look: Teaser Trailer for 45RPM


Starring Liza Burns & Jason Thompson

Written & Directed by Juli Jackson
Cinematography by Bryan Stafford
Edited by Les Galusha & Brent Bailey

*Song Credit: 1960s Arkansas band Barefacts – “Tell Me”
Available on the Lost Souls Volume 1 Compilation

Behind the Scenes – Production Day 13

Behind The Scenes - Day 13

Lucky 13! This day found the 45 RPM crew in Stanford, Arkansas. The whole community got together, bringing out tables, and 1000s of personal items to help create our very own Swap Meet set for the movie. Thank you so much to everyone that participated!
Stills by photographer Kandi Cook

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Louie by Jason Thompson and Charlie by Liza Burns

We are very excited to announce the main characters of Charlie and Louie have been cast!

Louie Traxler

We are very pleased to announce that

Jason Thompson

has accepted the role of Louie.
Jason is a wonderful addition to our cast and we are proud to have him.

Jason Tompson as Louie in 45RPM

Charlie Clark

We are very pleased to announce that

Liza Burns

has accepted the role of Charlie.
We are very excited Liza has joined our cast!

Liza Buns to play Charlie Clark  for 45RPM

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