Facebook Giveaway: WINNER ANNOUNCED

By June 1st 2011, 45RPM’s facebook page had reached over 100 fans. The first 100 were entered into a drawing. This video shows the drawing and reveals the winner!

The prize awarded was this vintage 45 molded into a bowl.

Production Day at Headquarters

On Saturday my production space was a-buzz with activity.  With some fantastic help from Kandi Cook & Mandy Maxwell, I managed to shoot a lot of great content including animation, still photos, driving shots, and other timelapse footage for 45 RPM’s upcoming fund-raising video.  I decided to setup a webcam timelapse in the main room to document some of our efforts.  This video is about 9 hours of our day compressed into 6 minutes.

The songs “Black Forest” and “Lil Jimmy Swing” were graciously provided by the Fayetteville-based band, Voyageurs, off of their album Alien Iverson. Find more of their music here.

Thank you to everyone involved. It was a very productive day!




Facebook Giveaway

Our production is young and needs your love!
Like 45 RPM on Facebook and the first 100 fans will be automatically entered to win a special giveaway! Drawing is on June 1st.
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More details soon!

Music from the Un-Natural State

While writing the 45 RPM script, some research brought me to Harold Ott’s website Psych of the South.

Here I found a wealth of information about Arkansas-based bands from the 1960s.  Better still, a CD compilation of songs called Lost Souls Volume 1 – 1960s Garage and Psychedelic Rock ‘N’ Roll from the Un-Natural State: Arkansas. I have to say I have been listening to it nonstop. It is available on the Psych website, iTunes, and Amazon. Definitely check it out if you enjoy low-fi pre-punk garage music as much as I do.

Also just watched Ott’s 2008 documentary Lost Souls about a band from Jacksonville, Arkansas that put out a sole 45 on Leopard Records in 1966, “Lost Love”/ “My Girl”

Watch “Lost Souls” on Youtube!

Listen to Lost Souls music and history on KUAR ‘s Podcast – Arkansongs

It is tough to find such detailed first-hand accounts of what the music scene was really like Arkansas in the 1960s. Seeing the band discuss their teenage rock ‘n roll experiences gives me great insight into Arkansas’s musical past.


New 45s

After taking in the screening of “Metropolis” with a live musical accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra at the Ozark Foothills Film Fest, I stood in the lobby with the rest of the festival-goers chatting about the amazing performance we just witnessed. From across the room, I caught a glimpse of a guy at the merchandise table sleeving a 45 record. Curiosity immediately peaked and I marched over.

The guy was Roger Miller, guitarist for Mission of Burma and member of the Alloy Orchestra. He was selling two 45s of his own work which he barely had time to describe before I was fishing for money. I brought both records (only $5 each!) and proceeded to completely geek out as Miller tells me how John Cage had complained that recorded performances are frozen with no life to them which caused Miller to create “Pop”  Record/Evolving  – a record that is the starts, in-betweens, and ends of other records. In other words, the surface noise of a record itself. The more the record is played, the more the vinyl degenerates thus a record that has live and changes with each “performance.”  And seeing as I am always fascinated with the life of vinyl records – the scratches, pops, and warmth of analog, I see it has a great addition to my collection.

The other 7-inch (that came with a free download) is also in the experimental category with sides label “X” Angled Scene and “Y”  Feedback Guitars for John Cage and I was pleasantly surprised at the repeat-listening quality of the tracks. For experimental music – what some might call noise art – I like it and plan to check out more of Miller’s work. He apparently does a lot of soundtrack work outside of the Alloy Orchestra.  Additionally, I’m ecstatic to find more proof than vinyl records are not just a thing of the past.

Roger Miller - 2 albums