Official Selection of RxSM

45RPM is feeling the love from the Lone Star State with an official selection from Texas!

We are an official selection of the RxSM Self-Medicated Film Expo in Austin, Texas!

Enjoy a fun late night screening & a sweet giveaway at the Spider House
Sunday, March 9, 10pm
Filmmaker in attendance

This 5th year festival unfolds alongside the busy SXSW line-up, offering a spotlight on talented filmmakers outside the mainstream.

From the RxSM website:
There’s no better place to honor such off-beat fare as Austin, Texas, an unforgettable melting pot of artistry, musicianship, rule-breakers, and warm hearts. Founded, organized, programmed and promoted by filmmakers who can’t help but think outside of the box, RxSM is forever in the service of like-minded free spirits—and fantastic parties that last well into the night.