***********CASTING FOR 45RPM IS NOW CLOSED***************

We are looking for (2) lead and (16) supporting actors, as well as featured and background extras.

Video Submission Guidelines

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Memphis Auditions – July 23rd, 2011
Paragould Auditions – July 10th, 2011
Little Rock Auditions – July 16th, 2011

Filming is scheduled for September  |  2011 Shoot Dates TBA

Lead roles will be needed every day of production.
Supporting cast will NOT be needed everyday of production.
Compensation depends on experience. Transportation and meals will be provided.


Click to Download Character Sides as PDF
*note: sides differ slightly from actual script

CHARLIE CLARK (White female  20s, Lead Role): Eccentric, quirky New York artist desperately seeking answers to her artistic impulses but is thwarted by self-sabotaging habits linked to her troubled childhood.

LOUIE TRAXLER (White male, 30s, Lead Role): A Memphis record store owner obsessed with music from the 60s and 70s who has a notable Southern accent and talks incessantly.


RACHEL (White female, 20s, Supporting Role): A store clerk with classic pinup girl looks and smart, sarcastic demeanor. She is in an unhappy relationship and is Louie’s love interest.

AMBER (Any ethnicity female, 20s, Supporting Role): A blunt and honest city girl who aspires to be an art curator. She is Charlie’s roommate & best friend.

R.L. (Black male, 40s+, Supporting Role): A soulful Delta bluesman who works and hangs out at Louie’s record shop. Proficient guitarist preferred.

FRANCIS (White female, 65+, Supporting Role): A loving friendly woman who has lived and worked on a farm her whole life. Charlie’s Great Aunt.

RICKIE (Any ethnicity, male, 30s, Supporting Role):  A know-it-all radio DJ with a love of old music that rivals Louie’s.

JERRY (Any ethnicity, male, 40s, Supporting Role): Nervous and easily agitated record collector. Acquaintance of Louie.

BARRY (Any ethnicity, male, 50s, Supporting Role): Fellow record collector and friend of Louie’s who sells music at various flea markets around the state

JACK (White male, 30s, Supporting Role): Aging punk rocker and record store owner with a bad attitude. Friend of Jerry and dislikes Louie.

BIG BOY ROY (White male, 40s, Supporting Role): A good-natured, slow talking record dealer with a booth at a large swap meet

SHIRLEY (White female, 50s, Supporting Role): A faded former cheerleader holding on to the glory days and has a knack for tacky crafts

MR. BAKER (White male, 60s, Supporting Role): A curmudgeonly owner of a radio station turned Laundromat with a distrust for the government and most people

TED (White male, 18, Supporting Role): Standoffish recent high school graduate who works at a small town Laundromat. Mr. Baker’s grandson.

VICTOR (Any ethnicity, male, Supporting Role): Metro wanna-be hipster who interviews Charlie for a grant application

3 CLERKS (Any ethnicity or gender, Supporting Role): Ultra hip, urbane record store employees that are dedicated music snobs  & deeply apathetic about everything else